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5 Beyond-Basic Basement Remodel Ideas for Every Personality Type

Basements don’t have to be dingy, dark, or seriously creepy places. In fact, there’s a whole heck of a lot you can do with that big underground space if you’re willing to put in the time.

Of course, you can do a basic basement remodel that uses the area in a very practical way—like adding a guest room (for your least favorite relative) or even a third bathroom. But we get the feeling that if you’re reading this, you’re not here for basics.

Which is why we rounded up five remodel ideas that'll make you actually want to spend more time in your basement (and make you forget all about those weird furnace noises). Whether you’re looking for a place for you or for your latest hobby, we’ve got you covered with these beyond-basic basements.

1. The entertainer: Prohibition-era underground bar

Looking for a space to have friends over that isn’t strewed with the kids' toys or piles of old mail? Then you’re going to love this Prohibition-era bar.

“This style basement is a really fun and sophisticated nod to the speak-easy days when you were transported to an underground bar,” says Doreen Amico-Sorell of Sorell Interiors. “It’s perfect for the family who likes to entertain Gatsby-style.” (In other words, with plenty of booze.)

Must-have item: Leave the chaos of the modern world (and the upstairs living room) behind for a perfectly crafted cocktail, best enjoyed in one of these ultrachic Oakham bar stools from AllModern.

2. The fitness buff: Retreat-style yoga studio

Who needs a yoga retreat in Bali when you can just retreat to your underground meditation studio? We love the all-wood look of this basement yoga studio, which is perfect for anyone looking to teach a class or simply sweat out stress with friends.

“The best part about a yoga studio remodel is that there’s minimal expense due to the lack of furnishings,” says Amico-Sorell. “However, you’ll still want to fine-tune the decor to encapsulate that feeling of Zen.”

Must-have item: Round out the Zen vibes of your new studio space with a few of these braided jute floor cushions from CB2.

3. The streaming addict: Binge-worthy basement theater

If your hobbies include less stretching and more chilling, then you’re going to love this retro home theater. Cue up your watch list and make some popcorn, then settle into one of these plush sofas to enjoy the show.

“There’s something to be said for having a theater in your basement,” says Amico-Sorell. “It appeals to everyone in the family (and their friends), and it adds to the resale value of your home. The starlit ceiling projector is a nod to the old-day theaters when going to see a movie was a whole experience.”

Must-have item: Complete your in-home theater by adding a starry-ceiling projector like this one from Bed Bath & Beyond.

4. The book nerd: Dreamy private library

If you can’t have a castle in the English countryside, you should at least get your own private library. Display all of your favorite reads—and then some—on these wall-lined shelves, or put your feet up and dive in to your TBR list with a cup of cocoa.

“Home libraries are on-trend,” says Stephanie Purcell of Redesigned Classics. “With so much technology and everything online, the nostalgia for the tactile feel of an old book is something that can't be replicated.”

Must-have item: Keep your home library feeling tidy and on-theme by adding a few of these vintage-inspired book boxes from Wayfair to store loose odds and ends.

5. The sports fan: The ultimate game room

If you’re really the biggest fan, you need a place to watch your team play—and what better spot than one where the beer flows freely and the only patrons are the friends you invite over?

“Every sports fan’s dream come true is a place they can relax, watch a game, and have a drink,” says Purcell. “But bars can be so expensive and full of rival fans, so why not create your own sports oasis?”

Must-have item: Make your game day the real deal by adding one of these live-sports tickers from Amazon.

by Larissa Runkle via

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